Selected Stories

“Love in the Time of Robots,” Wired (cover) – A surreal, intimate tale of real-life androids and the insatiable human need for connection. Nominated in 2018 for the National Magazine Award for Feature Writing.

“Out Came the Girls,” Virginia Quarterly Review – On adolescent girlhood, the occult, and the Slender Man phenomenon.

“Sky Burial,” The Oxford American – The story of how a Texas woman’s body was consumed by vultures, with the permission of her family.

“Was Diane Arbus the Most Radical Photographer of the 20th Century?,” New York Magazine – On the life and work of the uncompromising, pained, and very messy Diane Arbus.

“Blood Ties,” The Oxford AmericanOn being related to the conquistador Juan Ponce de León (discoverer of Florida, chaser of the “Fountain of Youth”), and the lies inherent in our ancestry.

“What Happened to ‘The Most Liberated Woman in America’?,” Longreads / Atlas Obscura – On the co-founder of the 70s’ most famous sex experiment; also featuring life advice from Gay Talese, and a face-off with a Siberian lynx.

“Satan in Poughkeepsie,” The Believer – On the Church of Satan, the American Bogeyman, the Satanic Panic, and my own childhood crush on the Devil.

“The Secret Life of Nuns,” The Oxford American – Why would a young American woman choose to marry God? An intimate look inside the Dominican order in Texas.

“Rebel Virgins and Desert Mothers,” Longreads / Atlas Obscura – From mystics to cross-dressing street preachers and desert hermits: the radical women of early Christianity.

“Man of the Future,” The Believer – Frozen heads, brain scans, artificial limbs, and a very bright Future! The sort-of-immortal life of FM-2030, Transhumanist hero.

“In Praise of Older Men,” Elle – Trying to understand a habit of dating much older men.

“One Hundred Seconds of Solitude,” The New York Times Book Review – On constant Internet access as every writer’s most shameful addiction.